Here’s How Much The Simpsons and Other Animated Houses Would Cost

If you think buyers are animated about sky-high housing prices, imagine what Homer Simpson thinks.

While you can’t shake hands with Peter Griffin or share a crabby patty with SpongeBob SquarePants, you can finally draw a bead on the homes where they reside in cartoon land.

Hovia, a mural and wallpaper services company, fills in the blanks on the animated housing cost front, with approximate home prices for cartoon legends like The Flintstones and Sponge Bob SquarePants. 

Here’s a snapshot of what housing costs look like for high-profile animation dwellers, according to Hovia.


Animated Housing Prices

The Simpsons. 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield

Estimated Price: $458,730

While series founder Matt Groening has never specifically said in which city and state the Simpsons reside, Hovia has a good guess – and good home price number.

“Groening has revealed that it’s based in Springfield, Oregon, a few hours from Portland where he grew up,” the company stated.

That makes it easier to peg the price of Homer and Marge’s animated abode at around $458,730 today, based on Portland area prices.

“Given Homer’s salary as a nuclear power plant safely inspector and Marge’s fragmented employment history, it’s likely the family would find it difficult to afford a property like this in the current climate,” Hovia reported.

Family Guy – 31 Spooner Street, Quahog, Rhode Island

Estimated Price: $357,958

Rhode Island isn’t exactly cost-efficient for middle-class families, given its proximity to the ocean and with access to great colleges like Brown and Providence (not to mention Harvard, Boston University, and MIT just up the road in Boston.)

Yet Hovia noted the Griffin family is described as ‘lower-middle-class’ with Peter working in a brewery and Lois working as a part-time teacher throughout the series.

“In real life, if the Griffin’s four-bedroom home was based in Providence, it would cost them around $357,958 today,” Hovia said. “This isn’t impossible for the family to afford based on their salaries but as the show points out, is difficult for them to maintain.”

South Park – 2001 E. Bonanza St., South Park, Colorado

Estimated Price: $741,919

Fans online concur that South Park is based on the town of Fairplay, Colo., and show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have said the show’s characters were based on their experiences growing up in Denver.

“Thus, a four-bedroom home in Fairplay currently costs a pricey $741,919,” Hovia stated.

Most and Least Expensive

Meanwhile, Hovia pegs Scrooge McDuck’s mansion as the most expensive home on its list, at $25 million. SpongeBob SquarePants’ ubiquitous pineapple home apparently is a bargain at just $55.

No word on Bugs Bunny’s hole in the ground, rumored to be in the vicinity of Albuquerque, N.M. – although his long-suffering enemy Elmer Fudd would love to know. 

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