Here’s how ‘jet cruising’ can fly you around the world in 24 days

There’s a new trend in cruising and it’s taking tourists around the world in about 24 days.

It’s called “jet cruising” and multiple travel companies are engaging with well-heeled tourists to travel the entire world and visit local wonders in just over three weeks’ time.

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The carefully choreographed “once in a lifetime” trips are planned by boutique luxury travel firms like Safrans du Monde and by major hotel chains like The Four Seasons, The Wall Street Journal reported.

One trip offered by Safrans du Monde hosted unique spots, any one of which would have made for a great vacation on its own.

The stops included Bora Bora, where tourists “swim with manta rays”, a trip to the Wadi Rum desert, where travelers could enjoy a Champagne cocktail “in the middle of nowhere”, and Siem Reap, where tourists “attended a private ballet performance, hosted by the prince of Cambodia,” The Journal noted.

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For the Safrans du Monde aerial cruise, the total cost weighs in $68,400 per person for Premiere class. A basic excursion that goes lighter on the fine dining and glam hotels can be had for $43,000.

So far in 2023, Safrans du Monde said all its trips are booked solid.

The Four Seasons isn’t far behind.

The iconic hotel company offers travelers a trip around the world in a high-end Airbus, with hotel-like beds and spacious bathrooms. A three-week trip spanning the globe that includes stops in the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Antarctica, and Machu Picchu for the princely sum of $205,000 per traveler.

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