FAA Wants Safety Inspections For This Scary Airplane Malfunction

All Boeing 787s are affected by the agency’s move.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is calling for inspections of all Boeing 787 jets, as regulators and experts worry that leaking bathroom faucets may damage the plane’s electronic systems.

The FAA has issued a proposal for inspections of Boeing 787 jetliners, after reports have surfaces of “multiple” cases of water leaking from bathrooms into the bays where electronic equipment is stored.

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The agency said the leaks threatened to damage important electronic equipment, reports Fox Business, and could lead to a “loss of continued safe flight and landing.” After a wet carpet was discovered in a plane’s cockpit, an inspection uncovered “multiple” planes with leaking faucets in the 787 fleet.

Boeing notified airlines about the issue last year, blaming.a problem with an O-ring seal that led to a slow leak of about 8 ounces of water per hour. A new version of the seal is in the works, and Boeing is working to determine when the 787s can undergo a retrofit with the new version.

The Dreamliner is a widebody passenger plane often used for long-haul and international flights. 

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