Elon Musk’s Latest Twitter Update Goes Horribly Wrong

Ever since he bought Twitter, Elon Musk has been devoted to transforming the platform, all in an effort to develop what he calls an ‘everything’ app. 

He notably launched a subscription service called Twitter Blue, changed up the timeline, did a whole bunch of controversial stuff with checkmarks and has rolled out a user-to-user subscription model. 

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In his latest update posted May 18, Twitter Blue subscribers are now able to upload two-hour-long videos (no more than eight gigabytes).

The result may not be quite what Musk anticipated.

One user immediately uploaded the entirety of “Shrek The Third,” which was eventually taken down and replaced with a message saying that the media was “disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

Another user uploaded a 90-minute compilation of “Toy Story” content which has yet to be taken down. And several users posted lengthy video loops, one featuring Gandalf from “The Lord of the Rings” and another featuring Rick Astley

“It turns out that some enterprising individuals are purchasing blue checks on Twitter and then uploading hundreds of videos, up to two hours long,” one user wrote. “This data storage cost vastly exceeds the revenue Musk receives from those accounts for their Twitter Blue subscription.”

A former Twitter engineer broke down the money. 

“I hope this platform increasingly brings you joy & elucidation,” Musk tweeted

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