Elon Musk Continues to Ignore Mark Cuban’s Good Ideas for Twitter

This relationship is a one-way street.

As you might be able to imagine, Elon Musk is always the most receptive to other people’s ideas (although he pretends he is).

Fellow billionaire Mark Cuban has a new one for Musk’s Twitter — or rather he amplified one for a fellow account. Team Beans, a community that has raised three million dollars for research as a way of memorializing nine month old Francesca “Beans” Kaczynski, mentioned in a thread that being able to fundraise directly on Twitter would be “a big benefit.”

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Cuban agreed, replying to the post and tagging Musk as well as fellow entrepreneurs Jason Calacanis and David Sacks.

Cuban also said, “First step towards X.Ai,” referring to Musk’s recent merging of Twitter with X Corp., which seems to be a step towards what he calls “The Everything App,” or “X.”

Unless Musk and Cuban are texting privately, however, Cuban’s track record of getting replies from Musk is zero. This is not his first time tagging Musk on Twitter with an idea or question — he did so as recently as Mar. 23, where he got into a discussion around the famed blue check marks on Twitter.

Cuban did not hesitate to criticize Musk’s choices on the topic, saying that he made a “huge mistake” and that “there were 100 ways
could have asked legacy checks for $100.” He also made a list of them for Musk to see. But per Musk’s usual, the radio silence continues.

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