Downtown Las Vegas Gets Unexpected New Experience

Fremont St. has always been a little wilder than the Las Vegas Strip and now it offers something you won’t see anywhere else in Las Vegas.

Characters — both fictional and just odd — dominate the scene on Fremont St. in downtown Las Vegas. Before the music and light shows take over in the evening, the area hosts a variety of buskers and costumed performers looking to pick up a few dollars.

You’ll see people playing bucket drums, a Naked Cowboy (he’s really a cowboy wearing underwear), various cartoon characters (Mickey Mouse, Pikachu, PAW Patrol), Optimus Prime, and others. You’ll also see showgirls, Chippendales, and a handful of other characters and performers making the lively scene even livelier.

And, while these street performers are licensed, there more tolerated than sanctioned by the casinos in the area. They’re colorful and to the scene, but they’re not part of the official “Fremont St. Experience.”

Now, however, some more characters have joined the scene and they’re tied to one of the most popular current cartoons and it’s not a show aimed at kids.

Image source: Warner Bros. Discovery

Wormageddon Comes to Las Vegas’ Fremont St.     

While it’s a cartoon, “Rick And Morty” generally attracts an adult audience. It airs at 11 p.m. as part of the “Adult Swim” block on Cartoon Network and it’s generally regarded as one of the most creative shows on television.

Now, the show has celebrated its sixth season, which had a globetrotting theme, with real-life sets being built in 14 cities around the world. One of those debuted Sept. 2 on Fremont St.

“An adventure that spanned six continents, Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty ‘living episode’ unveiled its final build today in downtown Las Vegas. Bridging the events from the season five finale to the season six premiere of Rick and Morty as an immersive fan experience, #WORMAGEDDON will officially finish tomorrow with the debut of an animated short that reveals the conclusion to the epic, globe-trotting battle,” Warner Bros. Discover (WBD) – Get Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. Report shared in a press release.

The live builds are part of a scavenger hunt designed to hype the upcoming season of the popular show which debuts Sept. 11 p.m. on Cartoon Network.

“Under the bright lights of Vegas is the perfect spot for our final, jaw-dropping #WORMAGEDDON build,” said Warner Bros. Discovery Kids, Young Adults, and Classics General Manager Tricia Melton. “We’re going high-tech in the battle to defend Earth with Samsung. Just like Summer in this last custom scene, fans all over the world are snapping selfies with their favorite Rick and Morty characters, and we’ve been having a blast watching fans connect in celebration of the new season.”

A Time of Trouble for Warner Bros. Discovery

Warner Bros. Discovery has been forced to make a number of difficult programming choices as CEO David Zaslav promised $3 billion in savings before the merger between the former Warner Bros. and Discovery. Reaching that has required making some tough choices like dropping the completed “Batgirl” live-action movie and gutting the company’s animation division (including many Adult Swim” properties).

Zaslav has, however, been willing to invest in his company’s clear hits. He has already renewed another adult (very adult) animated series “Harley Quinn,” and he seems committed to “Rick and Morty.” 

The company, which has been very careful with its money since the merger, has spared no expense in promoting the returning show.

Along with builds in Mexico City, Atlanta, Sydney, and London, this build in Las Vegas was one of the five builds revealed to fans immediately. Meanwhile, a global treasure hunt for nine custom builds kicked off on August 22. Following along via, fans were invited to unlock clues to discover these builds, with the first fan to find each hidden location in person rewarded with a life-size golden “Rick” head. Illustrating the high engagement of Rick and Morty fans, most builds were found only after one clue was posted, with some winners even being rewarded within mere hours of the clue going live.

It’s unique, but a perfect fit for the vibe on Fremont St. (where maybe you’ll start seeing some unofficial “Rick and Morty” characters once this exhibit ends.

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