Don Lemon Faces Criticism From Nikki Haley, Colleagues Over Sexist Comments

Open mouth, insert foot.

CNN’s Don Lemon’s is in hot water after saying that Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is no longer in her “prime.”

Regardless of the point he was trying to make — something about ageism in politics — Lemon’s inarticulate rant about Haley has him trending on Twitter as one of the top subjects of conversation.

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And everyone knows: you don’t want to be the topic of conversation on Twitter.

Don Lemon was conspicuously missing from his anchor chair on CNN This Morning the day after his Haley comments, but at least one insider says the absence was scheduled.

Don took to Twitter a few hours after the show aired to say he was sorry.

The apology wasn’t enough for most people of the right side of the political spectrum, including the original subject of his diatribe. 

At least one woman used the opportunity to start a thread for more seasoned women to show that they are still in their prime, no matter their age. 

Meanwhile over on Fox News, Jesse Watters tried to out-cringe Don Lemon, and against all odds he succeeded. 

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