Dollar General Employees Call Out the Retailer In a Very Public Way

Major dollar store chain Dollar General  (DG) – Get Free Report has made a name for itself by sprinkling stores in the forgotten corners across the U.S. The retailer sets up shop in towns that are typically too small to warrant the presence of a larger store like Walmart  (WMT) – Get Free Report or Target  (TGT) – Get Free Report. Smaller communities flock to stores for everything from household cleaning supplies and groceries to kids’ toys, clothes, and more.

But over the years, the stores in these smaller communities have experienced problems with theft and customer service complaints. And if a recent Reddit thread is any indicator, Dollar General has a significant staffing problem.

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Dollar General is getting really honest these days… by u/n00t33th in antiwork

The picture, printed in a typeface similar to Dollar General’s font, bears a stark message. “We’re sorry for the long lines and dirty, unstocked stores,” the sign allegedly posted on a Dollar General window reads. “Management has chosen to run this store with an underpaid skeleton crew earning poverty wages.”

“I guess the shareholders are happy though,” the poster finishes. Designed by Instagram activist @thereisnolaborshortage, dozens of Dollar General employees and shoppers in the post’s thread confirmed the statements made by the artist’s poster.

One commenter actively contributes to Dollar General’s purported labor retention struggles. “I try to recruit from my local dollar general,” one respondent wrote. “Even though my job is garbage, it pays better than the one by me. I have seen it unexpectedly closed. My guess is [that] people keep quitting.”

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