Disney Rivals Push Thrill Rides for National Coaster Day

Thrill seekers can celebrate roller coasters on a special day on Aug. 16.

Roller coaster fanatics don’t need a special day or occasion to take a ride, but whether you are a dare devil or prefer something less intense, National Roller Coaster Day on Aug. 16 might be a great day to get out on the tracks.

But why is Aug. 16 National Roller Coaster Day? The date signifies the date the first ever roller coaster patent was issued and has been celebrated by fairgrounds, beach boardwalks and theme parks for decades.

Roller coasters are not for the faint of heart. Whenever someone gets off a ride and says it was dope, that stems from the dopamine levels that those individuals have that enables them to handle all the ups, downs, twists, and turns more easily. Best way to celebrate this grand holiday is check out the new coasters that opened in 2022.

New Coasters to Ride in 2022

Disney’s  (DIS) – Get The Walt Disney Company Report Epcot in Orlando, Fla., launched its new roller coaster Guardians of the Galaxy in May 2022. Riders must be 42 inches or taller to ride the coaster. The coaster’s opening was delayed due to covid, but guests’ patience was rewarded when this ride finally launched. The ride is best described as an “omni-coaster.” It has 3D action as there are screens surrounding the riders as the coaster goes through its fast-moving loops, twists, and turns. With six different random tracks, riding it once might not be enough. 

SeaWorld Entertainment’s  (SEAS) – Get SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. Report SeaWorld San Diego opened the Emperor earlier this year after delaying a planned opening in 2020 as a result of the covid pandemic. Riders must be between 52 inches and 78 inches tall to ride the coaster. The theme park claims the coaster is the fastest, tallest, and longest dive coaster in California. Coaster riders who claim size doesn’t matter, haven’t tried the Emperor yet. Once you try it, no other coaster may be good enough again. The dive coaster’s vertical drop alone will leave your heart racing

SeaWorld Orlando opened the Ice Breaker roller coaster in February 2022. Riders must be a minimum of 54inches to ride the coaster. The coaster was rated the No. 1 New Attraction for Best New Theme Park Attraction during 2022 by USA Today’s 10 Best. 

Challenge Accepted

SeaWorld wanted to take this year’s Roller Coaster Day to the next level, and it has a challenge for coasterfFanatics. The Coaster Challenge on Aug. 16 dares guests to ride all of the park’s roller coasters in one day. Guests who want to take part in the challenge will use a lanyard to track all the coasters that they ride. After completing the challenge, guests must hashtag #CoasterCapital on their social media. There is a limited number of lanyards that will be given out, so get them while they last! The award for completing the challenge is a Quick Que Unlimited pass for guests next trip back to SeaWorld.

Busch Gardens is also participating in the Aug. 16 National Roller Coaster Day, by giving Free tours of behind the scenes to learn more about roller coasters, Cheetah Hunt, Cobra’s Curse, Iron Gwazi, and SheiKra. There is limited space and limited time slots.

Get Them Started While They’re Young

Sesame Street theme park Sesame Place San Diego’s Super Grover’s Boxcar Derby is great for the younger roller coaster lovers. Riders only need to be 38 inches tall to ride, although riders 42 inches and shorter must ride with a companion of at least 14 years of age. The family friendly coaster opened in San Diego earlier in 2022. A similar ride is available at Sesame Place Orlando and Sesame Place San Antonio. 

Coming Soon… 

Surf Coaster, the seventh roller coaster for SeaWorld Orlando is set to open 2023. The ride is rumored to be one of a kind with a High Surf Advisory. Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando is working on one of its new rides, Tron Lightcycle Run. Two other roller coasters yet to be announced but are in the works are at Busch Gardens and SeaWorld San Diego. 

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