Disney Has a Wild New Vacation Offer

Walt Disney has a lot of diehard fans. 

Some people show that quietly by wearing their Mickey Mouse watches while paying for things with Disney-branded credit cards. Others deck themselves out in gear and fill their homes with the company’s souvenirs and tchotchkes, making it obvious to the world that they love the Mouse House.

Since the company owns not just its own iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and the rest, but also Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and its own classic animation characters, Disney has a lot of people who cross from fan to fanatic. And the company has generally leveraged that phenomenon well.

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Walt Disney (DIS) – Get Free Report doesn’t just sell the normal array of T-shirts, toys, backpacks, and other gear you would expect. The company also offers high-end home items, as well as luxury experiences like its Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutiques. And if you want a life-size Boba Fett for your home and you have a few thousand dollars, Disney will sell you that, too.

At its theme parks Disney offers higher-end experiences based on individual budgets. Anyone can stay at its fanciest hotels or eat at its nicest restaurants, as long as they can pay. 

Now, the theme park giant has a new offer for its most diehard fans that would let them visit every Disney theme park as part of a once-in-a-lifetime journey. 

Disneyland Paris will be one of the stops.

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Disney Offers a Private Jet Adventure

Disney’s Star Wars hotel failed not because it was expensive but because the pool of people who will pay $6,000 for a two-night trip was limited. To charge truly astounding prices, you need to limit supply. That’s literally why it costs so much to visit a Disney theme park; the demand usually sharply exceeds the supply.

The company’s latest offer, Disney Parks Around The World, will give its biggest fans — and only 75 of them — a chance to visit all the Walt Disney theme parks worldwide by private jet. Disney shared the details on its Adventures By Disney website:  

This dream vacation spans 24 days and covers 6 countries, visits to 12 uniquely magical Disney theme parks, as well as 3 iconic landmarks: the Taj Mahal, Pyramids of Giza and Eiffel Tower. Throughout the trip, you’ll stay in world-class accommodations and travel in luxury aboard a VIP-configured Boeing 757, operated by Icelandair, with long-range capabilities that allow for direct flights to maximize your time in each destination. You’ll also enjoy personal access to experts and staff, who provide fun and fact-filled stories enabling you to be immersed in every location you visit.

Booking for the general public begins June 19 while past Disney Adventures customers get early access on June 14. People who have been on three or more Disney Adventures trip can book even earlier, on June 12.

Once you get a chance to book, the price may be a concern. 

Disney Parks Around The World costs $114,995 per person. The trip includes top-tier hotel accommodations at each stop as well as 69 meals — 23 breakfasts, 23 lunches, and 23 dinners.

Disney also promises that people who book this trip will receive:

The services of 3 Adventure Guides, Disney VIPs, Imagineers, Cultural Experts, and other surprise guestsAccess to extraordinary opportunities not available to the public Flights aboard a VIP-configured private jet, operated by Icelandair, with a dedicated flight crew, in-flight chef, 3 dedicated staff members and a traveling physician

“Traveling by private jet provides our 75 Guests greater flexibility. With long-range capabilities and the capacity to land at smaller airports, we are able to offer direct flights — which means you can make the most of the itinerary experiences,” Disney added.

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