Disney Food Fans Have a New Planning Resource

Bookmark the premiere place to check out some of the House of Mouse’s most delicious new offerings.

Disney parks and resorts have been providing guests with unforgettable experiences since they opened in the mid-1950s. Whether it’s an adrenaline-boosting ride, shaking hands with your favorite Disney character, or celebrating a special holiday or event, a trip to a Disney park or resort is guaranteed to stand out in your memory for a very long time.

An integral part of the Disney  (DIS) – Get The Walt Disney Company Report parks experience is without a doubt the food offerings. Just like classic carnivals conjure up mouth-watering images of cotton candy on a stick and giant bags of popcorn, visitors can expect to walk away from their trip to Disney recalling all of the delicious Disney-themed munchies, meals, and drinks they enjoyed during their time at the park.

Like any aspect of Disney’s rich history, much of the food in the parks has evolved over the years. Disneyland Park’s Plaza Inn may not be called the Red Wagon Inn anymore, but the nearby Little Red Wagon food cart serves delicious corndogs, harkening back to the early park days when hotdogs were a park staple. The Disney policy involving alcohol has changed from park to park over the years too, and cocktails have slowly been folded into events and experiences.

Disney’s food and drink offerings become more innovative by the season. If you’re a Disney foodie, keeping up with the parks’ menu changes is about to get a whole lot easier.


Disney Parks Blog Presents ‘Disney Eats’

The Disney Parks Blog has launched its new food-centric topics page for everything delectable from Disney Parks. The blog is already an incredible source for Disney-official updates, and now it will have a page dedicated strictly to Disney food and beverage. Rejoice!

The Disney Eats Blog will compile all of the blog’s previous articles about Disney food and host any new yummy content moving forward. This includes beloved posts like Foodie Guides, Best Bites, and Cooking Up the Magic.

In the announcement, post on the Disney Parks Blog on Tuesday, global food and beverage writer Nicole Cantore promises more of the same enthusiastic food content moving forward. The new blog will host new and exciting recipes, chef features, and breaking news about park offerings for your tastebuds.

“Disney Eats is our chance to bring to you the beauty and artistry that goes into making all the culinary delights across the Disney Parks and beyond. We’ll take you behind the food, show you the chefs who pour their hearts and souls into taking you on a flavorful journey with every bite, and keep you in the know on anything and everything you can snack on.“

An Interactive Disney Food Experience

Of course, Disney Eats isn’t just a place for the blog’s writers to share their thoughts on all the edible delights of Disney Parks. The blog will also encourage fans and Disney visitors to post their own Disney Parks foodie pictures. If you’re a frequent Disney guest whose Instagram is full of food pictures, this might be the online community for you.

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