Delta Gives Passengers Something Free Other Airlines Charge For

More than 700 planes will get this perk by the end of the year.

Following its merger with Sprint, T-Mobile is on a mission to win over customers of AT&T and Verizon. And it’s willing to pull out all the stops necessary.

Now that the carrier industry has largely followed T-Mobile’s  (TMUS) – Get Free Report lead to do away with multi-year contracts to allow customers to pay month by month, there’s more fluidity in the market base for carrier service. Cellphone customers are notoriously not known for loyalty, and can be tempted to try another company if it offers enough intriguing perks. 

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It’s a tight marketplace, and T-Mobile is seemingly willing to fight for every customer. It’s even introduced programs to basically buy people out of their contracts by paying their early termination fees and has instructions online for how to unlock your phone. (Some phones are designed to only be usable with one carrier, but there’s ways around this.)

But even still, changing your phone company is a hassle, but T-Mobile is working hard to make it worthwhile. It’s previously given small businesses free advertising and has teamed with Alaska Airlines and United Airlines to give customers free in-flight streaming. And now it has a new program which Delta customers will likely appreciate.

Delta Teams Up With T-Mobile

Delta SkyMiles members now get free Wi-Fi on all Delta flights, courtesy of T-Mobile. The Wi-Fi will last the entire flight, and you do not need to be a T-Mobile customer, as presumably the brand is happy to get the exposure and potential customer goodwill. 

As of last month, the feature is available on 540 Delta aircraft, which Julieta McCurry, Vice President of Inflight Entertainment, says is “80% of our domestic system.

“And we’re not stopping there,” she added in a recent interview with Bloomberg. “By the end of 2024 every single flight will have free Wi-Fi.” 

That expansion will include both regional and international flights, eventually covering Delta’s more than 700 planes. 

Delta Really Wants You To Join Its Loyalty Program

The perk is only available to members of the Delta SkyMiles program, and you have to log into your account to activate it. But McCurry also said “we’re making it super easy,” to join the program, indicating that the sign up process is going to be simplified. “It’s free, and you can do it in the air.”

Additionally, Delta’s connection portal will be upgraded this spring with the airline’s new Delta Sync Exclusives hub, which in partnership with T-Mobile will feature personalized content, entertainment and exclusive offers.

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