Delta Fixes a Key Passenger Pain Point (and the Solution Is Free)

The airline has found a way to make air travel a whole lot better (or at least less unpleasant).

Every airline has its own identity. Which is to say, it has its set of values, and is devoted to messaging that will get consumers to associate it with a few key traits.

Spirit Airlines is known for no-frills, rock bottom prices, while Southwest was once known for superior customer service. (Lately it’s better known for stranding people over the holidays, ruining Christmas and lighting money on fire.) 

Delta Airlines  (DAL) – Get Free Report seems to have, one might say, a philosophy of generosity. 

These days, it acts very much like a stepdad that really, really wants you to like him, and it certainly isn’t above bribing you to win your affection.

Last year, Delta teamed with Starbucks to give passengers a free e-gift card, and made arrangements where you could earn both Skymiles and loyalty points for both companies when you shop at either. It also offered priority access to its (oft-controversial) Sky Club for members of its various loyalty programs. It’s also made it easier to ascend through its loyalty program, and made it easier to earn travel and hotel vouchers.

But Delta’s need to be loved is bottomless, as its need for you to prefer it to its many airlines competitors. As such, it continues to give, and now has a surprising new perk that should help you kill time on your latest flight.

What Perk Does Delta Have In Store?

Starting on February 1, Delta will begin offering free wi-fi to customers on most of its domestic flights.

But, as ever, there is a catch. 

You have to be a member of Delta’s loyalty program to get this perk, as you will have to enter your SkyMiles number. This perk will be available on more than 700 aircraft by the end of the year, and the company plans to offer it on international flights by the end of next year.

This move, which is made in partnership with T-Mobile, will make Delta the first major airline to offer free wi-fi, beating out United, American and Southwest, as noted by Travel Weekly.


Are You Not Entertained?

Delta wants to make certain that you are not bored at any point during your flight. The free wi-fi is part of a new entertainment experience, called Delta Sync, that will start rolling out this year for SkyMiles members. 

It will include recommendations for in-flight entertainment systems as well as real-time seatback flight notifications, exclusive deals for various goods in partnership with other consumer brands, and food and beverage ordering, if you are in first class.

The announcement of these new perks was made at CES 2023 technology conference in Las Vegas this week, in which CEO Ed Bastian promised Delta Sync will elevate the idea of traveling. 

​​”The future of travel is one where your digital and physical experiences come together in a seamless warm and personal way, making those human travel connections even more meaningful,” he said.

But Delta is so generous that it will also give customers perks, even if they are not loyalty members.

Delta has partnered with the New York Times to give customers Wordle, Spelling Bee, and The Crossword on domestic U.S. flights free-of-charge, even if they are not loyalty members or Times subscribers. 

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