Dave Ramsey Has Blunt Words For Motorcycle Crash Survivor On Money He Owes His Ex

Ramsey points out the one thing he needs to do first.

Personal finance personality Dave Ramsey is known for telling it like it is when offering advice to his followers.

One advice-seeker recently asked Ramsey about a situation he was in involving both his ex-girlfriend and a wrecked motorcycle.

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He talked about the fact he was beginning to pay off some debt, and then explained the specific circumstance he found himself in.

“There’s a motorcycle loan my ex-girlfriend took out for me. I crashed the motorcycle and sustained some injuries,” he explained, according to KTAR News in Arizona. 

“After two months of litigation, I received a settlement of about $15,000 that was just enough to cover the loan,” he added. “Do I use the settlement money toward my debt snowball, or should I pay her back so I can get her out of my life for good?”

He signed his name as Arnold.

“Dear Arnold,” Ramsey wrote. “Pay her back. Anything else would be unfair. And, on top of that, it’s just the right thing to do.” 

Then Ramsey got straight to the blunt part.

“The whole move of her taking out a loan to buy you a motorcycle was kind of dumb anyway,” Ramsey wrote. “It was dumb on her part, and it was dumb on your part. And you can see why it was now, can’t you? It has left you in a lurch emotionally and relationally.”

“We’re not talking about a random chunk of cash here,” Ramsey clarified. “This money was for the motorcycle, from the motorcycle and about the motorcycle. So, you just pay her back, and that’ll clear things up.”

“I’m sorry the relationship didn’t work out, brother,” Ramsey wrote. “But I’m glad you’re taking steps to be in control of your finances. And I hope making things right where the bike is concerned will bring you a little peace of mind.”

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