Costco Has a New Bakery Item Members Love

Hey, you, put down that fork!

Whatever you’re eating right now will have to wait, possibly forever. 

Costco  (COST) – Get Free Report has just unleashed a dessert masterpiece upon its members and you’ll want to make plenty of room for this baby.

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The warehouse club’s bakery has whipped up a lemon meringue cheesecake and the word from the culinary frontline is something along the lines of…wow!

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‘The Best One Yet’

TikToker Laura Lamb was extremely impressed as she posted a mouth-watering video of the cheesecake in all its decadent glory.

“This morning for the first time ever the Costco bakery brought out a lemon meringue cheesecake and my husband’s reaction was this may be the best one yet and I agree,” she said.

“It’s sweet savory and tart,” Lamb continued. “The bakery killed it with the meringue. It was perfect, it’s nearly 4 pounds and it was $19.99.”

Lamb told that “its like that classic cheesecake, almost like that New York-style with a lemon curd in between that and the meringue.”

“It is just so good,” she said. “It actually reminds me of meringue that my mom always made growing up; she would make lemon pies and things like that.”

“It’s a delicious, delicate mashup of fluffy lemon meringue pie and classic, creamy cheesecake and it’s waiting for you, whispering your name from the chilly refrigerated bakery case at Costco,” Jessica Wrubel wrote in Parade, which, like, is owned by The Arena Group.

“You know when you eat something so sweet, you can feel your brain buzzing?” she said. “Yeah, this is that feeling after more than a few bites.”

Put it All Together

Andrea Lobas was so impressed she had a piece after a big pasta dinner and went back for another slice for breakfast in the morning.

“When I tasted each layer by itself, there wasn’t anything remarkable going on both in texture and flavor. Everything was good enough,” she wrote in Allrecipes. “But together, I tasted all the things. Rich, creamy, tart, light, crunchy, sweet, goodness. Very sweet, to be clear.”

Last month, Costco’s bakery introduced the fresh-baked Kirkland brand Lemon Blueberry Loaf, a heavy, thick dessert bread that sells for $8.99 and weighs two glorious pounds.

Fans of the store’s famed hotdog–which goes for $1.50–were overjoyed to hear that Costco was bringing back diced onions, which had been removed right around the onset of the covid pandemic. 

The move was a part of safety and hygiene measures to prevent the transmission of germs, but it also generated a lot of ill will.

The wholesaler had kept other condiments, such as ketchup, mustard, relish, which really ticked off a lot of customers.

Fortunately, Costco had a change of heart and said on May 1 that “Yes we can confirm that Diced Onions are returning soon.”

And, of course, no meal would be complete without dessert. May we suggest…?

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