Coca-Cola-Owned Brand Expands Its Bold Take On a Novel Drink

A Coca-Cola subsidiary is launching new unique beverages to expand the cola giant’s variety of drinks.

Coca-Cola  (KO) – Get Free Report is not afraid to step out and try new things. The brand has tried new and unique twists on drinks in the past, so it’s no surprise when a new flavor comes out.

Coca-Cola brought the world Diet Coke right after Pepsi  (PEP) – Get Free Report, had launched Pepsi Clear. Launching Diet Coke essentially killed the clear liquid craze in the 1980’s. Other new flavors have come and gone with some have had staying power, while others dwindling off into non-existence. Cherry Coke made the cut and is still available, however Diet Cherry Coke did not make the cut.

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Coca-Cola expanded its drink portfolio by acquiring Minute Maid in 1960, offering a healthier option to its soda drinks. Coca-Cola went even further toward offering healthier drinks when it started bottling and selling its own brand of bottled water Dasani in 1999.


Coca-Cola Adds New Unique Flavor to the Tap

Coca-Cola brand Minute Maid shook up the beverage aisle when it added Aguas Frescas, a juice beverage. The new beverage had the marketing tag Refreshing AF playing on the double entrendre of the abbreviation of Aguas Frescas, AF. This marketing was used to attract a younger consumer to the product.

“Minute Maid AF is step one in refreshing this iconic brand and our messaging to bring it into the 22nd Century,” said creative director Alex Ames. “It’s not every day you’re lucky enough to find a tagline — or two letters — that can serve as a shortcut to cultural and product relevancy. I’m super proud of our team for being truly disruptive and bringing one of Minute Maid’s most provocative marketing concepts ever out of presentations and into market. It only works because of how truly refreshing this product is.”

Minute Maid has taken this new Refreshing AF juice drink and added a new twist. Minute Maid is now offering the Aguas Fresca as Pineapple Horchata, to add a splash of new flavor to its AF Latin American-inspired juices, as Chew Boom reported.

Horchata is a popular Mexican drink that is best described as a sweet rice milk. The drink has a sweet and tangy mix of flavors and a twist of creamy flavor from the horchata. The new drink will be sold in a 52-ounce bottle with a suggested retail price will be $2.99 nationwide.

Minute Maid’s other flavors of Aguas Frescas are mango, strawberry, and hibiscus. These drinks are served in cans and are going to start coming in 12-ounce multipacks and will continue to be sold in 16-ounce single serving cans as well. The multipacks are expected to hit the shelves in Georgia and California on March 13.

Coca-Cola Expands Coke Brand as Well

Coca-Cola is expanding its every popular Coke drink with a new limited-edition drink, Coca-Cola Move. The limited-time beverage will be available in 7.5-ounce cans and 20-ounce bottles. The new drink is best described as having a coke flavor but is bolder. 

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