Chop’t facing lawsuit after giving a customer the finger

Salad company Chop’t is facing a lawsuit for chopping up more than a salad. One of the restaurant’s locations in Mount Kisco, New York, allegedly gave a customer the finger —  literally, a severed digit that was mixed into the arugula inside her salad order. 

The customer claims that she accidentally bit into the finger while munching on the salad, and it appears that she has now decided to give the finger right back to the company for the incident in the form of a new lawsuit.

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The lawsuit was filed on Nov. 27 in Westchester County and alleges that the severed pointer finger that was found in the salad belonged to a manager who accidentally cut it off while chopping up arugula for the woman’s order. 

The lawsuit claims that the customer is suffering from “severe and serious personal injuries, including shock, panic attacks, migraine, cognitive impairment, traumatic stress and anxiety, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and neck and shoulder pain” after consuming the contaminated salad.

Chop’t was fined $900 for the incident, which took place on April 7, 2023, by the Westchester County health department, according to Board of Health Violation records. But according to the lawsuit, the woman is seeking unspecified monetary damages for the disturbing encounter.

Customers finding body parts in their fast-food orders is not a new phenomenon and happens more often than most people think.

In 2012, a teenager who ordered a roast beef sandwich at an Arby’s located in Michigan was left horrified after discovering it contained a severed finger after he bit into it. Police later reported that the finger belonged to an employee who accidentally cut it off while handling a meat slicer at the restaurant.

Also, in 2021, a woman in Bolivia went viral after she made a post on Facebook alleging that she accidentally bit into a rotting severed finger while eating a burger she ordered from fast-food restaurant Hot Burger in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The restaurant location was temporarily closed and fined due to the incident.

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