Burger King’s New Menu Item Combines Two Unlikely Things

Burger King takes aim at competitor with new menu item.

Burger King is no stranger to brining the heated competition between fast-food chains. When McDonald’s brought the world Chicken McNuggets, Burger King brought consumers whole white meat chicken tenders, claiming that McDonalds McNuggets weren’t made of chicken breast but of other ‘stuff.’

Burger King has been known to make bold menu additions of its own. Some have gone well and others have, well, flopped. In 2015 Burger King launched a Halloween themed burger, the bun of the burger was dyed black, and that wasn’t the spooky part — that came after the full digestion process later. Burger King tried a healthier French fry version in 2013, called ‘Satisfires’, and there were just not what people dining at a fast-food restaurant wanted in their fries. The Whopper King is always playing catch up to the top ranked fast food restaurant players. This allows it a little more freedom in giving new things a shot and failure is acceptable, sometimes when trying new things.

Is it Nacho’ King Now?

Burger King  (QSR) – Get Free Report is embarking on a new venture with its menu, but it’s not as far off the radar as it normally is. While the new menu item looks like little mini tacos, they aren’t made of tortillas. Burger King’s new Crispy Dippers, are shaped like little mini taco, that are empty, but they are made out of potato.

This new menu concept is to allow hungry patrons to scoop up a lot more sauce in their fried potato. It’s not a fry, but it’s a fried potato shaped like it wants to hold all the yummy goodness you can scoop into it. While you won’t find these scoopable fries in the states, you would have to travel to New Zealand to give them a try.

Burger King also has a limited time Crunchburger, it’s really just a flame broiled cheeseburger served with a bag of chips that customers can add to their burger. While that may sound weird to some, it’s a classic move by a fair amount of burger lovers. This strange combination is also only available in New Zealand. The chips are likened to a regular potato chip, not flavored or anything, so a mini–Herr’s Ripple chip bag included to open and apply as many or as little chippage as you prefer. 

Not to Worry TB

Taco Bell can relieve a sigh of relief that Burger King isn’t coming for its tacos. While the new menu item seems like a rip off from Tostito’s Scoops chips, it’s really not a terrible idea. No other fast-food restaurant is looking for a way to just give more of its sauces away. In fact, some fast-food places aren’t giving out sauces unless you ask nicely and pay extra.

Burger King recently put the spice back in its menu, but don’t get too excited about this one either! Its Fiery Chicken Nuggets are in testing mode in the Chicago area right now. Not all tested menu items make it out of their test markets to the national menu. If these blazin’ hot nuggets make the national menu, only time will tell.

When it comes to trying new, weird and inventive ideas to add to its menu, Burger King has shown that no good idea is out of the wheelhouse of the burger restaurant. Burger King still has old reliable, it’s signature burger the Whopper, and the Home of the Whopper still reigns high in popularity on the menu. 

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