British grandmother suing JetBlue after fighting with flight attendant over tea

A public relations crisis is in the process of unfolding after a 74-year-old grandmother from United Kingdom’s Jersey filed a lawsuit alleging that an altercation with a JetBlue Airways  (JBLU) – Get Free Report flight attendant over a cup of tea left her with bruises and a black eye.

Angela Siddell was flying to Costa Rica from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport in October and had gone to the back of the plane to throw out the cup, bag and remnants of the tea after finishing the beverage served her during the flight’s drinks service.

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According to the lawsuit first reported by the Daily Beast, Siddell’s mistake of throwing her garbage in the galley, where food and drinks are prepared on a plane, instead of the garbage receptacle led to the flight attendant to allegedly respond in an “unusually loud and verbally aggressive manner.”

A JetBlue traveler says a flight attendant mistreated her on a flight to Costa Rica.

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Passenger ‘shoved in the back with great force,’ lawsuit says

As she described in the court documents, Siddell had gone to use the lavatory and missed the flight attendant who had moved down the plane to collect trash during that time. As a result, she placed the used cup of tea on the counter in the galley and received the rebuke from the flight attendant.

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She then walked back to her seat but, on second thought, returned to the rear of the plane to request the name of the flight attendant she interacted with. 

According to Siddell’s account, the worker allegedly refused to both give her name and provide a piece of paper for Siddell to write it down. When the latter then tried to read her name tag and write it down on a motion sickness bag, “another JetBlue cabin crew member shoved [her] in the back with great force.”

JetBlue isn’t commenting (here is what happens when an airline is sued)

Siddell then claims she hit her head on the plane exit door and was left with a black eye, multiple bruises and a shoulder injury after she was restrained and handcuffed by the flight crew. The Oct. 31 flight was diverted to Orlando and Siddell and her travel partner were made to get off the plane.

JetBlue has not responded to TheStreet’s request to comment on the situation.

Last August, another in-air fight over a beverage occurred when a United Airlines  (UAL) – Get Free Report passenger on a flight between Houston and Los Angeles caused the plane to be diverted to Phoenix in a situation that fellow travelers said arose “over wine.”

In a video he later posted on TikTok, fellow passenger Blake Perkins captured flight attendants telling a traveler he dubbed “United Airlines Wine Karen” that they were going to “land the plane” and lead her off “in handcuffs” if she did not sit down.

Other travelers later confirmed that the situation arose because the woman was consuming her own wine on the plane which is strictly against aviation safety rues.

“I gave you a hug because you told me you were having anxiety and I hugged you, and I knew you were drinking wine and you’re not allowed to and I still let you on the aircraft,” the United flight attendant is heard saying in the video.

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