‘Borg Drinking’ Is a Troubling New Social Media Trend

And it’s sending a lot of people to the hospital.

The University of Massachusetts has issued an official warning a new social media day-drinking sensation known as the Borg. “BORG” is short for “blackout rage gallon,” a mix of water, liquor, and electrolytes meant to help prevent a hangover the following day.

Last week kicked off the annual University of Massachusetts “Blarney Blowout,” a holiday precursor to the common party holiday St. Patrick’s Day. The event brings large crowds from nearby towns to party on and around the Massachusetts college campus area.

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“The Amherst Fire Department (AFD) said they handled requests for 28 ambulance transports, prompting mutual aid and a task force activation for additional resources. AFD said none of the cases were life-threatening[…] Amherst Police and UMass Police reported two arrests for underage possession of alcohol and responded to numerous calls for service.”

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The drink craze has university staff and parents worried, and prompted the University of Massachusetts to “consider steps to improve alcohol education and intervention, and communicate with students and families.”

Some claim that BORG has some surprising potential benefits, praising the creation as a safer alternative to other “binge drinks”. 

Preventionist TikToker Erin Monroe has even posted her own BORG instructional video. Monroe has also responded to the University’s statement in a recent clip, emphasizing how important it is to control the amount of alcohol that goes into the drink in order to truly enjoy its effectiveness. 

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