Bethenny Frankel Has Some Critical Words About Those Unpleasant Lizzo Allegations

Former reality TV star turned entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel is always serving up hot gossip to her TikTok subscribers. Whether it’s a look at the latest designer knockoff shoe scam at TJ Maxx or calling out other celebs making mistakes with their brands, Frankel loves to talk about what’s simmering.

This week, the celebrity gossip world has been consumed with allegations against singer Lizzo. Three of her former dancers have filed suit against the performance artists, claiming she subjected them to verbal and sexual harassment. As details of the suit made their way across social media, Frankel took to her own TikTok to give her two cents.

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“I remember the Ellen [DeGeneres] take down, the Hailey Bieber take down, the Gwyneth Paltrow, the Amber Heard, the Ariana Grande, the Miranda Lambert, the Cardi B, the Tiffany Haddish, many different takedowns,” she says, rattling off several recent controversial names appearing in headlines. “It seems like people get really excited and there’s a feeding frenzy … trolls come in … like ticks [or] like leeches … when someone is getting taken down.”

Oof. Visceral image, Bethenny. But not inaccurate when it comes to social media commentary. 

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“It’s really easy to just believe everything that everyone says and I’m not saying that what people are saying isn’t true. But it’s really easy for everyone to just jump on and get excited,” she says. “Should we split the difference?”

Frankel struggles to nail down exactly what the split difference would look like. Is it possible that a person can be both an inspiring artist and abusive toward the staff? In instances of high-profile celebrity abuse cases, Frankel’s policy comes down to “we really don’t know because we weren’t there and there are so many different sides to stories.”

Someone, however, may have to decide on the matter — in a court of law. The civil suit filed by Lizzo’s former dangers was filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court. No news yet on whether or not the case will go to trial.

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