Apple Makes Major Changes For Travelers

Nearly every person flying on any plane has at least a smartphone but usually also a tablet or laptop (and sometimes both). These devices have changed the travel experience as the vast majority of travelers have their own entertainment system with them.

Whether you’re using an Android device, a Windows laptop or tablet, or Apple (AAPL) – Get Free Report IOS-powered, pretty much anyone knows how to download books, games, movies, or television shows that won’t require them to have internet access.

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But, while these devices have made travel easier and more enjoyable, that has never seemed like something the airlines were actually actively focusing on. That, however, has changed as Apple laid out a number of major changes to its operating systems (the software that powers iPhones, iPads, and Macs) that specifically address travel.

Apple is making changes to better serve travelers.

Image source: Apple

Apple Helps You Keep In Touch

When a plane lands, it often seems like half the people onboard either make a phone call to say that have landed or text people that they have arrived. In many cases, the text is serving a purpose beyond just making someone at home feel better,

In many cases, people send a text to say they have arrived to let someone know to pick them up at the airport or to prepare them that they will be arriving soon. Apple has now made that process easier by automating the process.

“You can initiate a check-in via Messages, and it’ll automatically notify your family and friends when you arrive at a certain destination within a defined time frame. If you don’t, it’ll send some important information to the contact who is tracking you, such as your device’s location, battery level, and cellphone service status,” The Points Guy’s Zach Griff wrote.

This feature will make communicating easier for travelers who have their hands full getting off a plane. It also provides peace of mind for parents who have sent their child on a plane by themselves as the check-in will be automated to not subject the kid to forgetting.

Apple Makes AirTags Better, Adds Journaling App

Many travelers use Apple’s AirTag trackers to keep track of their luggage. It’s nice to be able to see that your bag has arrived along with you and adding an AirTag to your rental car keychain makes it easier to find the key in a crowded hotel room.

The problem is that AirTags have traditionally only allowed one person to “own” the device and track it via the associated app. Apple has now changed that and allows up to five people to track a single AirTag.

Imagine if you’re headed to the beach and need a way for your travel party to find you. You can share an AirTag notification with them and allow the group to find you that way.

In addition, since everyone seemingly has to document everything they do and share it publicly, Apple has also added a journaling app for iPhone, Mac, and iPad.

“The journaling experience is about to get much better in iOS 17,” Griff wrote. “That’s thanks to the introduction of a stand-alone journal app, which will automatically offer suggestions on when to write in your digital journal based on recent locations visited, pictures taken, and more. You can even set up notifications to remind you to write on a regular cadence.”

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