Apple is Making a Big Change to a Key Service

This new feature could help prevent a lot of embarrassment

Apple’s  (AAPL) – Get Apple Inc. Report making a big change to one of its most popular services and it could save people a lot of embarrassment.

For those who tend to shoot from the lip, and hit “send” right after they’ve written something, the change could be especially helpful.

Those who don’t bother to proof read while writing could also find this change to be a real help.

But there are limits on how long people can take advantage of it.

What’s New?

The change involves a tweak to Apple iOS and its messaging app.

Once the new version  of Apple’s mobile device operating system is installed, users will be able to do something they haven’t been able to do before, but probably wish they could have.

With the new system, “you can now edit a message you just sent or unsend a recent message altogether,” Apple said in its WWDC22 presentation on changes to the operating system.

That means when you mistakenly enter the name of your ex in a message to your new love, you may be able to save the situation – if you’re quick enough.

On a more prosaic level, if you sent someone the wrong address, or pizza topping request, it’ll be a quick fix.


There are limits though.

Apple said “Users can edit or unsend a message for up to 15 minutes after sending it.”

That’s probably a good thing.   

Given how frequently text messages come up in criminal and civil cases these days, it’s best not to allow people unlimited opportunities to get rid of dubious messages.  

In addition to the edit and unsend features, Apple said users will be able to watch videos simultaneously in a message window while being able to text back and forth about them using its “SharePlay” feature. 

Apple also said the new messages app will allow users to share notes, presentations, reminders and more, without having to go outside the messages app. 

That feature may make messages take on more of the qualities of productivity applications such as Slack and Teams. 

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