Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks About the ‘Great Promise’ of a Popular New Technology

At its annual developer conference (WWDC) June 5, Apple seemed to be trying hard not to mention the term artificial intelligence. Instead, as the company presented a host of new software updates and products, speakers used the term “machine learning,” which is a subset of AI. 

Speaking to Good Morning America on June 6, CEO Tim Cook did, however, speak about AI and the ways in which Apple utilizes the groundbreaking tech, as well as his own concerns about its deployment. 

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“We do integrate [AI] into our products today. People don’t necessarily think about it as AI. What people are now talking about are these large language models,” Cook said. “And I think they have great promise.”

Despite the “great promise” of these LLMs, Cook, citing risks of misinformation and bias, amid possibly greater threats, explained that, because of the power of the models, “it’s so important to be very deliberate and very thoughtful in the development and deployment” of these systems. 

Cook, echoing similar sentiments from tech leaders across the space, said that regulation is important. But he added that, because of the speed of innovation, “regulation will have a difficult time staying even with the progress.” 

And though Apple has seemingly kept its hands clean of the generative LLM race, Cook is certainly paying attention to the leaders in the field. 

“Of course, I use [ChatGPT],” he said. “I’m excited about it. I think there’s some unique applications for it and you can bet that it’s something that we’re looking at closely.”

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