Amazon’s No. 1 Bestselling Stick Vacuum With 64,000 Perfect Ratings Is Just $34

A great vacuum cleaner is easy enough to maneuver around and packs enough power to pick up most debris, but excellent reviews back an amazing one. And that is exactly what you’ll find with Bissell’s $34 Featherweight Stick Vacuum.

It’s a lightweight, corded vacuum that can shift from a traditional stick model to a dustbuster, or vice-versa, in seconds. Thanks to a strong motor, the vacuum can quickly clean any surface, which adds to its versatility.

It’s racked up nearly 65,000 five-star ratings, and 9,500 of those folks left rave reviews. Bissell’s adored vacuum doesn’t break the bank at just $33.99, either, and Prime members score free, fast shipping.

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Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum, $34 at Amazon


At just 3 pounds, the Bissell Featherweight is easy to lift with just a single hand, and the handle up top lets you move this around the floor and between tighter spaces. It comes in four shades at or under $33.99: black, blue, lime, and purple.

While more expensive options from Bissell or even Dyson offer a cordless design, the perk of this Featherweight is that it can run for as long as you need. There is no need to worry about getting tangled or only being able to use this in short-range, though, as it comes with 15 feet of cord.

A powerful motor inside provides plenty of suction to easily clean hardwood, laminate, carpet, or tile flooring and fabric found on couches, chairs, and liners. Best of all, you get two brush heads—a standard wide roller perfect for floors and a crevice tool, which lets you clean in tighter spaces.

You can even convert this stick vacuum into an ultra-portable dustbuster. And, regardless of what mode it is in, there is an integrated bagless dirt cup that can be easily emptied.

One reviewer noted that “This little Bissell Stick Vac does an excellent job in cleaning and has much more vacuuming pick up power than I had figured on, one reviewer said.” “The amount of dust and dirt the Bissel Vac picked up was amazing… I have lived nearly 2 years in this current apartment, and the edges of my matted carpet and floorboards have never been cleaner than after using the Bissell Stick Vac.”

“Talk about a game changer,” another said. “It is so lightweight and has plenty of suction but can still be used on throw rugs and kitchen mats!! In addition to the dog hair, it picks up lots of dust from the floor. I knew from the reviews that I would have to empty the filter after each use, but it is easy to do and I have been impressed with how much it is picking up! It is so lightweight and easy to use that I can vacuum the floor in a fraction of the time it used to take me.”

For less than $35, you’re getting a vacuum that can do it all. One shopper called it the “best $35 I’ve EVER spent” while another wrote, “best $33.99 ever.”

The only thing left to decide is what color you want and if you need to get more than one. Pick up Bissell’s Featherweight ultra-portable corded vacuum on Amazon for $33.99 today.

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