Amazon’s Halo Rise Sleep Tracker Is $30 Off

This non-wearable sleep tracking gadget is seeing a rare discount.

Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? You’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from insomnia and other sleeping issues, making it hard for them to be productive throughout the day. One of Amazon’s  (AMZN) – Get Free Report latest gadgets, the Halo Rise, might be able to help.

Not only does this innovative technology track health data related to sleep while you slumber; it also provides guidance on how you can improve the quality of sleep. 

Keep reading to learn more about this gadget that can help you wake up calmer and more energized after finally getting an optimal amount of high-quality shut eye!

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Amazon Halo Rise ($99.99, originally $139.99 at Amazon)


Designed by Amazon, the Halo Rise is a bedside sleep tracker that works to provide you with personalized insights into your sleep quality — helping you make the most of your day and night. With its easy-to-use design, it connects directly to the Halo app (for Android or iOS) as well as an Amazon Echo Show display, allowing you to monitor and adjust your sleep settings with ease.

In addition to monitoring your sleeping patterns, its Wake-Up Light feature helps you ease into waking up by simulating sunrise with calming colors. It also has a Smart Alarm that senses the best time to wake you up.

Unlike other sleep tracking tech, the Halo doesn’t need to be worn on the body, nor does it need to record video or sound. Instead it uses silent, no-contact sensors that measure body movement and breathing to calculate sleep stages.

Amazon shoppers “love this gadget” thanks to its intuitive design, informative features, and gentle morning alarm. One happy customer said:

I personally love the gentleness of the wake up process with the light or audible alarms. The light truly woke me slowly and gently. It detects 20 min prior to alarm time when you are in a light sleep stage and works its magic.” … “It’s spot on with other things it tracks also. Humidity in room, air temp, sleep disturbances etc. The advantage of seeing the tracking of your sleep quality is super helpful. Sleep is a huge health benefit and this shows me adjustments that need to be made. The accuracy is spot on.”

With its many beneficial features and ease of use, the Amazon Halo Rise is a great option for anyone looking to track their sleep data. As a bonus, it’s $39 off right now, making this the perfect time to try out the Amazon Halo Rise today.

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