AirPods Pro Get 3 New Features This Fall and Are At the Lowest Price Ever on Amazon

Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro may have arrived in Sept. of 2022, but with a robust set of features and a comfortable design, they are still some of the best true wireless earbuds around. Best of all, though, AirPods Pro is back to the lowest price we’ve ever tracked on Amazon ahead of the 4th of July and Prime Day.

You can get the true wireless earbuds on Amazon for $199–a $50 discount off the $249 MSRP. It’s also within $5 of the lowest price we’ve tracked at any retailer, which was only around for a very brief time at Verizon. Sweetening the deal further are three new features, which will arrive on AirPods Pro second-generation this Fall at no additional cost.

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AirPods Pro Second-Gen, $199 (was $249) at Amazon


While AirPods Pro second-generation doesn’t stray too far in terms of material design from the first-generation, these level up and improve upon nearly all features. For instance, playback is longer with a listening mode like active noise cancellation engaged. Apple  (AAPL) – Get Free Report promises six hours of playback, which stretches beyond the four and half hours of the first generation.

In our testing, we frequently stretched AirPods Pro runtime closer to eight hours, which is more than enough for a long-haul flight. These earbuds produce a wide soundstage for nearly all genres. AirPods Pro still mixes in real-time with what Apple calls “Adaptive EQ.” It uses a software algorithm and multiple microphones.

That same chip works with other algorithms and AI to power class-leading noise cancellation, allowing AirPods Pro to rival over-ear headphones. Seriously, these tiny earbuds can block out a heck of a lot of sounds and are a joy for traveling. If you have an iPhone and are a frequent flyer, we’d say these are a travel necessity.

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The listening mode for letting in sound has a new name–Adaptive Transparency–and intelligently lowers environmental noise beyond 85 decibels for hearing health. Unlike transparency modes on other earbuds, the result doesn’t sound processed or robotic.

While you could always charge AirPods Pro with a Lightning cable, a wireless charger, or a MagSafe charger, the second generation can also be refueled by being placed on an Apple Watch charger. Pairing is still done in a sinch as you flip the lid open and hold it near your iPhone. Then follow the on-screen instructions, which will sync with your iCloud account for easy switching between Apple devices.

At $199, Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro are an excellent deal and the best true wireless earbuds for those with an iPhone. You won’t need to wait long as Amazon  (AMZN) – Get Free Report Prime members will score free, fast shipping. And Apple will be raising the experience further this Fall with three new features.

AirPods Pro Get Three New Features This Fall


Via a free software update for AirPods Pro second-gen this Fall, Apple will add a new Adaptive Audio listening mode, a Conversation Awareness feature, and personalized volume. These aim to build on what is currently available on the second-generation earbuds and take advantage of the H2 processor, which boasts over a billion transistors.

Adaptive Audio: What You Need to Know

The new Adaptive Audio listening mode is a blend of active noise cancellation and transparency into one, which should eliminate the need for the user to swap between the two. It will automatically block out bolder, louder sounds and let in the important environmental ones. With Adaptive Audio engaged, AirPods Pro take in many factors like movement and what you are listening to serve the right experience correctly.

Adaptive Audio can also work with the two other features that will debut alongside it for what might be the best user experience with Apple’s flagship earbuds.

Conversation Awareness: What You Need to Know

Conversation Awareness and Personalized Volume can work with Adaptive Audio engaged or alone as standalone features. If you’ve started talking to someone and wish your music automatically paused, Conversation Awareness will deliver this. When you start speaking, it lowers or remains the music but goes further. The onboard microphones and H2 chip will still block out environmental sound and raise the volume of the people speaking. Pretty neat.

Personalized Volume: What You Need to Know

Personalized Volume is similar in that it will automatically adjust the volume of what you’re listening to and the level of a listening mode (IE: noise cancellation or transparency) based on how you usually use them. This feature will improve over time based on how you use AirPods as well.

Lastly, arriving for AirPods third-generation and AirPods Max as well, you’ll notice improved quick-switching between devices. Essentially, AirPods will move between an iPhone to a Mac more swiftly and when you need them too.

All of these aim to add more value and lengthen the list of features on AirPods, specifically with the second-generation Pro’. It also makes scoring them at $50 off an even better deal.

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