About Us

About Us

What is Union Capital

We are an investment fund focused on the new technological trends of Web 3.0, Blockchain applied to different fields of investment. In this way, we develop an innovative investment concept that seeks a balance between efficient risk management and sustainable growth. Our portfolio focuses on the Stock Exchange, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, and Real State.

Real State

The real estate market has always been considered one of the best game scenarios for investors who want to maintain high levels of security. There are multiple options to invest in this sector, however, our investment perspective has allowed us to enter a specific real estate development niche leveraged in the federal program of the United States Government called Section 8, through which we structured a vehicle that It allows generating guaranteed income for periods of more than 15 years, thus drastically reducing the risks in the final profitability associated with low occupancy, high expenses for repairs and/or adaptations or others.

Additionally, we help people manage leveraged credit in real estate, acquiring land in Florida at an excellent price.

We do not sell houses, we structure investments!


The current cryptocurrency market represents an annual average of 2 Trillion in transaction capitalization, which, with proper risk management, represents a great opportunity in non-traditional financial markets.

We are currently experiencing a rapid increase in institutional participation in the crypto market: Banks, government entities, large companies, and investment funds.

The importance, but above all the speed with which the world is integrating into the cryptocurrency industry, is due not only to understanding cryptos as digital assets but also to the great potential of all the blockchain technology behind them, which, certainly, It is transforming the world in all sectors and opening the door to a new era through scenarios such as the Metaverse and Web 3.0, which are currently replacing the Internet 2.0 industry.


Financial Market

Our investment perspective is Alpha, that is, active. We operate the market from different technical analysis approaches covering different types of assets: stocks, indices, currencies, etc. Our investment objective is based on risk management as a fundamental basis for a projection of sustainable profits over time. Our attention is focused on variable income assets that allow the levels of volatility necessary to build an annual operating model that allows us to strongly exceed the average growth of the market.

Our Pillars


We seek to maximize our invested resources to attain peak productivity, allowing us to provide the highest return on capital to our associates.


All our clients' capital is managed by investment and risk management experts, who analyze markets and manage resources efficiently and safely, this is done according to the risk profile and objectives set forth by each client.


We assess the threats and weaknesses that may surround our activity and our clients, this allows us to mitigate risk and thus offer security, transparency, and trust.

Our Team

We are a highly professional and diligent team that manages a responsible, prudent, measured, and controlled administration, which make certain to maximize the resources of our clients and the fund.