A Southwest passenger demands pilot fly plane over Taylor Swift’s conceA Southwest passenger demands pilot fly plane over Taylor Swift’s concert

It would take living under a rock for months not to observe or at least hear about the craze around Taylor Swift’s global Eras Tour.

The popular singer-songwriter is still on her first U.S. leg but analysts are already projecting the year-long tour to bring in more than $1 billion in sales while the 2% chance the average buyer in the U.S. has of securing a ticket is just slightly above the likelihood of winning the lottery.

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In between tickets selling out within seconds of appearing both on registered and underground sites and some fans buying scalped seats for as much as $60,000, some out-of-luck Swifties are getting pretty desperate to see the concert.

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‘It depends which runway they clear us to land on, but yes’

In a video she later posted on TikTok, Southwest Airlines  (LUV) – Get Free Report passenger Samantha Meany walks up to the flight deck and asks the pilot if he can fly over the city of Inglewood on their way to Los Angeles so that she could catch glimpses of the Taylor Swift concert taking place at SoFi Stadium on Aug. 3.

“So I was looking at the flight path of where we’re going to go from here to LA, are we going to fly over Inglewood?” Meany says in the video which then features the off-camera voice of the pilot saying that the route would actually pass over the concert.

“It depends which runway they clear us to land on, but yes,” the pilot is heard responding. “Either way, we’e going to be close to being right over Inglewood.”

“OK because the Taylor Swift concert is happening right there, right now, and I think that’d be super cool if we fly over it,” Meany follows up in the video.

The pilot then laughed and, as Meany was wearing a tiara for her birthday in a day, jokingly asked if she was turning five.

The plan to see Swift from the sky did not go as hoped for…

A week after posting, Meany’s video has gathered over 8.5 million views and 1.5 million likes. Many fellow Swift fans commended Meany on her creative way to see a sold-out concert.

But when others asked how she managed to approach the flight deck (TSA rules prohibit passengers from coming near it while the plane is flying), Meany posted a follow-up video explaining that she asked a flight attendant before doing this and did it while the plane was on a layover to pick up more passengers before heading to LA (those who, like Meany, boarded in North Carolina’s Raleigh did not get off.)

But after seeing images of the Eras tour in open concert stadiums, Meany did not account for the fact that LA’s SoFi Stadium is covered by a roof — so while the pilot did fly over the stadium, all passengers were able to see was the stadium itself and th traffic around it. 

“We did fly directly over it and I was like ‘oh shoot, there’s a roof,'” Meany explained. “[….] It was still kind of cool to see it but I was not aware that the stadium had a roof.”

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