A detailed look inside Beyoncé’s $800 million fortune as she approaches billionaire-net-worth status

Beyoncé has evolved from the lead in a ‘90s female R&B group to a 27-time Grammy-winning solo artist and globally respected brand.

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Watch out, Taylor Swift—Beyoncé’s coming for you.

Thanks to her massively successful “Renaissance World Tour,” which generated $579 million in ticket sales, not to mention her sheer talent as one of the greatest vocalists of all time, Beyoncé will soon enter the ranks of the billion-dollar-net-worth club, a designation Swift achieved in October 2023.

Beyonce’s net worth: $800 million

According to Forbes, Beyoncé’s net worth, as of December 2023 was about $800 million.

Unlike some entertainers, who take on lucrative side hustles, album sales make up the bulk of Beyoncé’s fortune. She has sold a total staggering 200 million records over the course of her 20-year solo career, emblazing Beyoncé as one of the best-selling artists in history — her catalog is estimated to be worth $300 million alone.

Beyoncé’s wealth grew 48% in 2023, thanks in large part to the “Renaissance World Tour.” The tour, which spanned 39 cities across 56 dates, sold a total of 2.7 million tickets, netting her a cool $100 million. It followed her blockbuster 2022 album, “Renaissance,” Beyoncé’s first release in six years, which sold one million copies.

Billboard placed the “Renaissance World Tour” among the top-ten highest-grossing concert tours of all time, between The Rolling Stones’ 2005 “A Bigger Bang Tour,” which grossed $558 million, and Guns N’ Roses 2016 “Not in This Lifetime… Tour,” which came in at $584 million.

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She also accumulated a bundle of cash through her earlier tours, earning $119.5 million from her 2009 world tour, $212 million from her 2013–2014 “On the Run” tour, $256 million from her 2016 “Formation World Tour,” and another cool $254 million from her 2018 “On the Run II” tour.

In addition to albums sold, Beyoncé’s wealth includes the lavish properties she shares with her husband, Jay-Z (who’s also a billionaire), her brand sponsorships, and the film, clothing, and musical enterprises she runs through her business, Parkwood Entertainment.

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How does Beyonce’s net worth compare to Taylor Swift’s?

Like Swift, Beyoncé isn’t only an entertainer; she’s also one of the sharpest people in the entertainment business. For instance, Beyoncé didn’t just go on tour to promote the “Renaissance” album; she also documented the concert tour through a movie, entitled “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé,” serving as its writer, director, and producer.

And just like Swift did with her “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” movie, Beyoncé released her concert film through AMC Theaters (AMC) – Get Free Report, which gave her a direct cut of the revenue. “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé,” opened No. 1 at the Box Office and grossed $44 million in ticket sales, further lining Beyoncé’s already-posh pockets.

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Swift’s documentary generated even greater profits ($120 million), and the country-pop songstress also has a higher net worth of $1.1 billion. Yet, there are a few more trophies along Beyoncé’s mantel: She has earned a total of 32 Grammys (27 as a solo artist and five with Destiny’s Child) compared to Swift’s 12, but that doesn’t make them rivals — ever. In fact, Beyoncé and Swift go out of their way to support each other, often showing up in the front row of each other’s tours and praising each other in the media.

Swift told Time Magazine that Beyoncé was “the most precious gem of a person — warm and open and funny,” and has posted on Instagram about how the singer has been “a guiding light throughout (her) career.”

A powerhouse entertainment couple, Beyoncé and Jay-Z often collaborate on each other’s albums and even toured together, like they did on 2018’s “On the Run II” tour.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z’s combined net worth

Beyoncé can buy her own diamonds and rings, but when you combine her wealth with the riches amassed by her husband, Jay-Z, together they reach a nearly uncharted stratosphere of affluence. The rapper-turned-businessman, who wed Beyoncé in 2008, has 24 Grammys of his own, along with a diverse portfolio of business ventures, including stakes in Armand de Brignac champagne, D’Ussé cognac, and the Tidal music streaming service.

The musical power duo is worth a combined $2.6 billion, making them the fifth-richest couple on the planet, according to celebrity net worth websites, just behind filmmaker Steven Spielberg and actress Kate Capshaw, and Kering CEO Francois Pinault and actress Salma Hayek. And just like their famous friends, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have grown accustomed to the very finest things in life, including owning multiple multi-million-dollar mansions, enjoying opulent family vacations (often aboard yachts in the French Riviera), and generating a wake of paparazzi wherever they go. They also share a commitment to “giving back” through their various charitable foundations.

Beyoncé’s early years

Pulling herself up from her bootstraps, Beyoncé, whose full name is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter, went from being a high school dropout to being widely viewed as one of the world’s top entertainers.

Beyoncé was born on Sept. 4, 1981, in Houston. Her parents, Celestine “Tina” and Mathew Knowles, also had a younger daughter named Solange, who went on to back Beyoncé in the R&B supergroup Destiny’s Child in the 1990s before embarking on her own successful solo career.

Beyoncé took to an entertainment career early in life, singing in her local church choir and competing in local and regional entertainment competitions as a child. She attended Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, where she began studying music and dance while finding herself as a singer.

Her first break came early, as she fronted the all-female musical group Girl’s Tyme, appearing on the television show, “Star Search.” The group eventually morphed into the R&B group Destiny’s Child, managed by her father in the mid-1990s. The group was an instant success, piling up hits and becoming one of the top-selling female musical groups ever. The group would remain at or near the top of the charts throughout its existence before breaking up in 2006.

All told, Destiny’s Child released seven albums, with five top-of-the-chart platinum releases that sold a combined 50 million records during the period from 1997 to 2006. Chart-toppers included “No, No, No,” “Say My Name,” “Bills, Bills, Bills,” and “The Writing’s on the Wall.” Their last release, “8 Days of Christmas” didn’t sell as well, and Destiny’s Child disbanded, with Beyoncé already taking the opportunity to rebrand herself as a solo artist, a move that would make her wealthier than she likely realized at the time.

Beyoncé’s solo career

As she pursued a solo career, Beyoncé found fame in other areas of the entertainment world, co-starring with Mike Myers in “Austin Powers in Goldmember” in 2002 and rolling out her first solo album, entitled “Dangerously in Love.” The album was a smash hit, winning five Grammy awards and reaching No. 1 on the Billboard charts. Beyoncé cashed in on two number-one singles on the album, “Crazy in Love” and “Baby Boy.”

In 2006, just after Destiny’s Child broke up, Beyoncé released her second solo album, called “B’Day.” She continued on a rock and blues path, adding some hip-hop into the mix on the album. She also stayed plugged into filmmaking, appearing in “The Pink Panther” in 2006, “Obsessed” in 2009, and “Epic” in 2013.

Her next evolution — into persona Sasha Fierce — would go on to net Beyoncé six Grammy awards with the introduction of her next album “I Am . . . Sasha Fierce” in 2010.

Another album, “4” followed in 2011, and in 2013, Beyoncé mixed things up yet again with her self-titled album, “Beyonce.” This album surprisingly dropped into the iTunes Store with no prior warning and few promotional efforts. That didn’t stop it from becoming the fastest-selling album ever on the platform, however.

The tone of this album was darker, visiting deeper, more personal subject matter that raised questions about sexuality, monogamy, and pop culture’s beauty standards. Notable songs included “Drunk In Love,” “XO,” and “Flawless.” Billboard named it their album of the year.

Controversy surrounded Beyoncé in 2013 when she was invited to sing the National Anthem at President Barack Obama’s second Inaugural ceremony, where she appeared to lip-sync the song. In true Beyoncé fashion, she shut down critics by belting out a live (and flawless) rendition at a press conference a few days later, famously asking, “Any questions?” when she was finished.

The next month, Beyoncé performed at the Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show; she would perform again at Super Bowl 50’s Halftime Show just three years later, joining the small but hallowed ranks of entertainment greats who notched multiple Super Bowl appearances under their belts, like Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, and Justin Timberlake.

Beyoncé’s next album, “Lemonade,” delved into even darker territory, shedding light on her complicated marriage with Jay-Z, including his rumored infidelity, and left everyone wondering just who “Becky with the good hair” was. It also explored themes of self-love and self-worth and became the world’s best-selling album of 2016, nabbing the celebrated singer two more Grammys.

Turning her attention to children’s entertainment, Beyoncé became the voice of Nala for Disney’s computer-animated remake of “The Lion King” in 2019 and released a new version of Elton John’s 1994 hit, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” as well as “Spirit,” an original song she recorded.

The 2020 film “Black Is King” was Beyoncé’s “visual companion” to “The Lion King,” and was produced in a collaboration between Disney and Parkwood Entertainment, with Beyoncé earning credits as the film’s writer, director, and producer. The nine Grammy nominations she received that year made her the most-awarded singer in Grammy history.

In 2022, Beyoncé released “Renaissance,” a dance-electronic album that celebrated the LGBT community and garnered both popular and critical acclaim, eventually winning four Grammys. The “Renaissance World Tour” began on May 10, 2023.

Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, performed with her mom during the “Renaissance World Tour” in 2023.

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Beyoncé’s personal life

When Beyoncé married Jay-Z in a top-secret wedding at their Manhattan penthouse on April 4, 2008, she was embarking on yet another new role — this time, as a wife and mother. She continued her singing and acting career, while beginning to carve a niche for herself as a businesswoman. Then she gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy in 2010.

Beyoncé considers motherhood the most important job she’s ever had, and told Vogue in a 2013 interview that she thought of her young daughter as “my homey, my best friend” and said that fame and career simply didn’t measure up. “Family has always been important. I’ve always had my mother and my father and my husband. But it’s just … Life is so much more than … It’s not defined by any of this,” she said. Quite at ease growing up under the spotlight, Blue Ivy would even join her mom on stage during the “Renaissance World Tour” in 2023.

In 2017, Beyoncé added to her growing family by giving birth again, this time to a set of fraternal twins, a boy and a girl she named Sir and Rumi, respectively.

A famously private couple, Beyoncé and Jay-Z remain married, having weathered the rumors of infidelity that inspired “Lemonade,” along with the many hours of couples counseling Jay-Z revealed it took to win his wife back. Beyoncé continues her career as an entertainer and as well as an activist supporting Democratic party political causes and various social justice causes, including LGBT and transgender rights.

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Beyoncé’s endorsement income

Beyoncé has also leveraged her personal brand to make it big in the advertising world. Her biggest endorsement deal was with Netflix  (NFLX) – Get Free Report for $60 million to provide content to the streaming giant, releasing her appearance at Coachella in early 2019.

She also inked a $50 million contract with Pepsi  (PEP) – Get Free Report in 2021 and has been featured on high-profile ad campaigns for L’Oreal, American Express  (AXP) – Get Free Report, Samsung, Ford  (F) – Get Free Report, and DirecTV  (DTV) – Get Free Report.

In addition, Beyoncé has collaborated with luxury fashion brands like Balmain, and she built her own fashion line, called House of Dereon, in a business partnership with her mother. She entered the highly lucrative celebrity fragrance arena by signing a $20 million deal with Coty in 2010, launching massively popular scents like Heat and Rise and generating over $500 million in sales.

In 2022, Beyoncé launched a new fragrance, Cé Noir, which has notes of citrus and honey. It sells exclusively on her website for $160.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s hefty real estate portfolio

Beyoncé, in partnership with Jay-Z, owns a robust portfolio of real estate properties in the U.S. and internationally. They actually set a real estate record with their June 2023 purchase of a 30,000-square-foot Malibu mansion that came with a hefty $200 million price tag, making it the most expensive real estate transaction in California history.

According to Architectural Digest, the ultra-modern oceanfront manor is clad in concrete and designed by master architect Tadao Ando, who’s known for employing a “Haiku effect” in his buildings, which emphasize simplicity and the absence of form rather than composition.

The couple’s other property holdings have included a mansion at Indian Creek Manor in Miami (which they sold for $9.3 million), a New Orleans home priced at $3.5 million, the $6.85 million TriBeCa penthouse they were married in, and a mansion worth $26 million in the Hamptons on Long Island. The mansion was designed by another architectural great, Stanford White.

How Beyoncé spends her money

Beyoncé is widely considered to be a savvy business icon, having earned hundreds of millions of dollars over the years, often with conservative business investments.

She does like to buy lavish gifts for her family, though. She purchased a $2 million Bugatti Veyron Grand for Jay-Z to celebrate his 42nd birthday and also shelled out $40 million for a private jet for him to commemorate his first Father’s Day after Blue Ivy was born, to name but a few.

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