30 million people have unclaimed money – How to know if you’re one of them

TheStreet’s J.D. Durkin brings the latest business headlines from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as markets close for trading Friday, February 2.

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J.D. DURKIN: I’m J.D. Durkin – reporting from the New York Stock Exchange. Stocks were in the green to close out today’s session. The Dow closed up 133 points, the Nasdaq closed up 1.7 percent, and the S&P closed just over 1 percent higher. Investors are continuing to react to the shockingly strong January jobs report, which showed that the U.S. economy added 353,000 jobs in January, yet another sign of a robust job market.

Markets are also reacting to Meta earnings – the stock witnessed a double-digit pop on Friday after reporting better than expected results in its fourth quarter. Investors are looking ahead to another busy week of earnings – Pinterest, Snap, Disney, Spotify, and several others will release results next week.

In other news, millions of Americans have unclaimed cash or assets they might not even know they’re entitled to. According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, more than 30 million people have property that they’ve either forgotten about or never knew they had.

This can include money from inactive bank accounts, checks that were sent to a previous address, payouts from someone else’s life insurance policy, or uncashed paychecks. The N.A.U.P.A has a website set up for Americans to see if they have unclaimed property. Just go to: unclaimed.org/search and choose the state you live in or previously lived in. Then enter your name in the search box to see if you have any unclaimed property.

However, if you’re looking for a big payday, you might want to temper those expectations. In 2022, more than $4 billion in unclaimed property was returned. But divided by 30 million people, that comes out to an average of $133 a person.

That’ll do it for your daily briefing. From the New York Stock Exchange, I’m J.D. Durkin with TheStreet.

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